As moms, we know it’s important to take care of ourselves. But let’s be honest, we rarely do what we should. Moms throughout history are great at telling their kids what they need to do and then sacrificing our own health and well-being to make sure they do what we said. And I’m no exception. 

In an effort to be more efficient with my time, I’ve come up with a short list of how to take care of myself. On those mornings when you’re rushed, tired, overwhelmed and thinking about 3,000+ things that MUST be done that day, may it be as helpful to you as it is to me. 

  1. Exercise – this is, in my book, essential to my happiness on the craziest of days.
  2. Shower – this is the most optional, unless you did hot yoga or a long run and can’t stand to raise your own arm for the smell test. 
  3. Wearing makeup – this goes on my face when #2 isn’t gonna happen that day. It makes me feel and look decent but it’s not an everyday occurrence. 
  4. Wearing “real” clothes – A good 70% of the time, I’m in workout clothes or what I refer to as “house clothes” (a.k.a. clothes I don’t wear outside in public). On days when I haven’t done #2 or #3, putting on cute jeans and a top with non-tennis shoes is a must to make me feel put together and presentable. 
  5. Eating fruits and vegetables – this is right up there with #1, moms. We cannot take care of others when we’re not getting what our bodies need to operate. Don’t get these in with your meals? Then make sure you have applesauce or chia pouches on hand in the car and “that’s it” fruit bars in your purse and slip in a salad for lunch. If that seems too much, just load up a smoothie with some dark green veggies and frozen fruit. It’s the easy button for vitamins! 
  6. Drinking water – splurge on a 32 oz water bottle and attach it to your hip. More than 70% of your brain and heart are made up of water so it’s more essential to our health and overall wellness than we realize. If you feel a slump in the afternoon, try a big glass of cold water instead of a diet soda or latte. You’ll be shocked to find how well it works to wake up your body! 
  7. Sleep – I know, I know, you need to do a thousand things tonight in the hour between the kids are asleep and you start to fade and/or the baby wakes up to eat. But trust me, you’ll be sharper, healthier, and more capable to deal with all that tomorrow brings if you let it go and go to sleep. Let’s be real…very few things in our day truly HAVE to happen before we can get some rest. 

Our kids model what they see, no matter what we tell them. Start doing something for yourself every day and show them that your health and well being matter just as much as theirs. When they’re adults, they’ll thank you for knowing how to live a healthy life. #momslivesmatter.

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