It’s been a little while since my last post, and it’s not that I haven’t tried to write. Life has gotten in the way time and time again. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way right now. Life is challenging, stressful, overwhelming, depressing, and so much more.

We went up to the mountains for a couple of weeks in July for a break from PandemicLand. It was absolutely delightful. We spent nearly all day outside in fresh air, without a mask, getting dirty, getting bit by mosquitos, and having time together as a family. I really enjoy being up there. There’s something about it that speaks to my soul. Like when there’s less noise around, I feel more at peace with my Creator.

That being said, the internet speed is slower than dial-up at times and you purchase it by the gig. So browsing, downloading, uploading, streaming or anything online that isn’t a necessity just doesn’t happen. My husband needs the internet for work, so like precious water, we try to conserve any bytes we can so he can do his job.

I had a goal while we were up there that I would keep up my publishing schedule. Writing one post a week is doable for me with my family commitments and keeps me consistent and, quite honestly, is something I really enjoy.

Well, I tried. I don’t really like the word “try” because like Master Yoda says, “Do, or do not. There is no try.” But that is the best way to say what I did. I tried.

To be truthful, I did write, but when you have to wait ten seconds for the words to show up on the screen because they’re not loading in the web browser, you quit. Then I tried writing in my notes app so I could transfer it over later when we got back home. This worked great, but the post I was going to publish weeks ago had a bunch of external internet links in it, and for some reason (I later found out it was a default publishing setting, but that’s in the weeds) it wouldn’t save anything I wrote once I tried putting it on the blog.

You’re probably sitting there thinking to yourself, “where is she going with this??” I promise there is a point. I’m writing this hoping that it resonates with you a little.

I feel like each day, there is a new curve ball thrown our way and we need to adjust in order to catch the ball. We have goals, work at them, and then life comes in and tears it all apart.

Your child’s school isn’t opening on time this fall – or it’s moved online – and you don’t know how you’re going to keep up your job with a child at home. You’re one of the many new homeschooling families out there and you’re terrified you’ll screw it up. *For tips on homeschooling, check out my post about it* You put on some weight during this extended time at home and finding time to work out is proving to be more challenging than you thought. Your job is in limbo, or you’re now permanently working remotely, and you’re not sure if you want to keep the job. Or maybe you’re terrified that the company won’t last through the pandemic and your family can’t survive without your income. You and your spouse haven’t been getting along lately and the tension is so high, you just want to scream.

It’s all real life and it’s all very messy right now. And this is just junk in our lives, moms. Throw in what our kids are dealing with, our spouses, parents, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and it’s all just too much to take at times.

I’m with ya. There are days when I just feel like throwing up my hands and walking out of the house. Some days I do take a break. Some days I pray a lot. Some days I just remind myself that this won’t last forever.

Next time your goal gets thrown out the door, or derailed, or sidetracked, hang in there, take a breath, and realize it’s a phase and won’t last a lifetime. Jobs will change, situations will improve, kids will leave the house (hopefully) and this pandemic will be history.

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