We are very discriminating when it comes to what we allow our kids to watch, read, and listen to. Very rarely do we see a new movie come out that doesn’t have some kind of content we don’t want our kids exposed to. Imagine my joy when I took my eleven year-old to see the new Mary Poppins Returns and found only good things in it! 

The original Mary Poppins was lovely, in my opinion. It set a high bar for Hollywood to meet. Emily Blunt was exceptional as Poppins, and the supporting cast was just as good. The music was catchy and new. The costumes, sets, plot, were all superb. There were no foul words, no sexuality issues that have so pervasively consumed our televisions these days, and the family values were the overarching message. Family comes first and is really all you need in life was the take-away. What a wonderful movie! 

I hope you take your kids to see this before it leaves theaters or buy it when able. Let’s encourage more films like this out of Hollywood, rather than the junk that so often is produced. 

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