If your kids are anything like mine, they can’t wait for school to be done for the summer. By the time we finish our curriculum, they’re eager to stop doing any school related activities. Granted, my kids love to learn, but by that point in the year, they’re just worn out.

I’m always on the lookout for great ways to sneak in learning over the summer. Any writing, reading, or math that I can get in front of my kids and make them feel like they’re still on summer break is a win. Over the years, I’ve found some great magazines that accomplish this goal. If you’re pinching pennies, ask a grandparent to gift them a subscription for a birthday, Christmas, or end-of-school-year present.

For young children, Highlights magazine doesn’t disappoint. It’s got all kinds of articles, craft ideas, stories, games, and fun activities that are seasonally appropriate. They have three different options for this magazine based on age, making it possible for Highlights to grow with your child. In my opinion, it’s appropriate from birth up to age nine or ten.

Cricket Media has a lot of great magazine options for kids from birth up to age 14. In our house, we subscribe to the Muse magazine and both of my girls, ages 10 and 13, look forward to it each month. It’s more of a STEM focus, which is great for them. This magazine would be suitable for boys or girls from older elementary through middle school.

Looking for a faith-based magazine for your daughter? Shine Brightly has been a great fit for us. It’s published by GEMS Girls Clubs and is appropriate for older elementary through middle school girls. Instead of wanting me to buy the junky teen magazines, we get this, which reinforces our faith.

Have a kid that loves animals and nature? National Geographic for Kids is an excellent fit. Aimed at kids ages six and up, my kids love this one and never get tired of reading it every month. Looking for more than a magazine? Their list of awesome Nat Geo books is impressive and could keep any kid busy for a while.

If sports is their thing, Sports Illustrated for kids is the way to go. Or, if they have a particular sport they love, like basketball, soccer or lacrosse, search and find a specific magazine for that sport. Most sports have a magazine publication these days and even though they might not be able to practice with their team right now, it can keep that fire they have going. My oldest loves lacrosse and when she was laid up earlier this year with a broken toe and couldn’t play, the magazine made her feel a little closer to the game.

Happy Summer Reading!

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