It just happened again. I spent time and effort to plan, shop, prepare (while holding a 30 pound toddler in one arm) and serve a healthy, nutritious, delicious dinner and all I got was nibbles, and comments like, “Not your best.” URGH. 

I know it’s unreasonable to expect that every dinner I put on the table will receive rave reviews. After all, they’re kids. But tonight, I completely lost it and got angry. Maybe it’s because of the huge challenge it is to get dinner on the table – one handed – or because I take a big issue with wasting food. Or maybe I just feel completely disrespected when my kids don’t value what I do for them by appreciating the food I cook. Whatever the reason, I’m guessing – no, hoping – I’m not the only mom out there who feels this way. 

What’s a mom to do when this happens? Because let’s be honest, we all have these moments of feeling under appreciated, under valued, under thanked (I’m pretty sure that’s not actually a word). My favorite thing to do is take a walk outside. The fresh air always calms me down when I get a little hot. If I can’t leave the house that moment, leaving the room is my next go-to. I take deep breaths and plug my ears so I can’t hear the kids asking for me, and when I can be my (mostly) normal self again, I re-engage.

What’s your typical response to a situation where you find yourself a little irritated? Comment below!

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