Pre-pandemic, I got my facial hair and brows waxed at the hair salon. It hurt, and I needed to make sure that my calendar was free the rest of the day because I was so red and puffy. However, it lasted a while and I didn’t want to try waxing at home.

Plucking your brows works, but it is hard to get all the baby hairs and, in my opinion, it just doesn’t look quite as sharp and clean as waxing does.

During the pandemic, I haven’t had any waxing done at all. Plucking my brows and using a hair removal cream on my upper lip was okay, but I wanted another option.

Enter the Finishing Touch Flawless Brows Eyebrow Hair Remover and the Flawless Facial Hair Remover. I purchased both of them and will never pay for waxing again.


The Brow Trimmer did a great job on all those fine hairs as well as the tougher ones. Its tip is narrow enough to make a nice line along your brow and give you the shape you want.

The Brow Trimmer tip has a light, making it easy to see exactly where you’re trimming.

It’s truly painless – turn it on, move the Brow Trimmer back and forth (or in a circular motion for the Facial Hair Trimmer) over the hair you want to remove and you’re done.

Both are available in several colors and look pretty sitting on your counter or in your cabinet.

Both are affordable – under $20 – and much cheaper than going to a salon.

The Facial Hair Trimmer is rechargeable and comes with a USB cord. If it starts to slow down, just plug it in and it’s fully charged in an hour and a half.


You need to clean the devices after each use to ensure they operate properly. So even if you only trim a couple hairs, you still should clean them out.

The Brow Trimmer is battery powered, so if it slows down mid-use, make sure you have a backup AAA handy or you’ll end up having to pluck the rest.

Skin irritation is possible, since you’re basically shaving your face. I had some itching on my brows, but that was it.


If you’re tired of having to run to the salon to keep your brows looking like you want, I highly recommend getting the Finishing Touch Flawless Brows Eyebrow Hair Remover. Hard to beat the price, and in just a few minutes after the shower, you’re done!

Same recommendation for the Flawless Facial Hair Remover. Stop seeing the sideburns and fuzzy upper lip in the mirror. It’s so easy, quick, and affordable, you should do this for yourself.

Save money over the long run, and look great while doing it!

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